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I think this is my favorite icon ever /USES IT ALWAYS

Haha right so I forgot to post the answers to the Better Than It Sounds meme, found here.


1. DragonBall Z
8. Digimon Adventure season 2 (Ken, ilu seriously)
15. Irresponsible Captain Tylor
16. Kung-Fu Panda
23. Corpse Bride

and now, a shipping meme from pikachuu

for ms_elegante

Name: voodoo pimp Dr. Facilier
Orientation: Probably straight
Ships?: NGL, I kind of secretly ship him and Ursula (The Little Mermaid). And I feel no shame in saying it's entirely Nikki's fault. Honestly, in canon, haha yeah, there's no ship for him in existence and I don't see him a the time to really care since it has no material gain for him.
Notes: I really can't imagine there being a character anywhere he'd even think about like that? Maybe a one time fling if he ever got the urge once in a blue moon, but they'd probably be a filthy prostitute somewhere in the darker corners of the French Quarter. If it ever seemed possible on the boat, it would take a looooooooong time to develop (probably more than a year of consistent CR, etc).

Name: Jim Hawkins
Orientation: straight
Ships?: I've got nothing right now, tbh. I know there are some crazy people out there in fandom that ship Silver/Jim but I just. Can't. 8( He's the father-figure why would you do that. And no one on the boat's really struck him that way either so. :|a
Notes: Jim just is another character among many of mine that I don't have the mindset to ship. He doesn't seem to really care about it because he has More Important Things (tm) on his mind (like. his mother. and treasure. and NOT DYING). He's a lot like Duo Maxwell in that respect for me. He has a lot of attachment issues because LOL THANKS DAD; I think it left him with a lot of bitterness to the idea of romance after seeing his mother break down. So I really have no intention of playing out a ship unless there's chemistry somewhere in-game.

for polychromatic

Name: Hikaru Shidou
Orientation: I don't think she even knows
Ships?: ..... /SOBS IN HANDS

canon: Hikaru can... essentially be shipped with anyone. Literally. Anyone. She's such an endearing and caring character, her emotions could easily be swayed to anyone in the series. The popular fandom ship is Lantis/Hikaru/Eagle for the manga, and Lantis/Hikaru is tecnically canon for the anime. I've also got a looot of Nova/Hikaru doujin and some Hikaru/Umi/Fuu and Emeraude/Hikaru stuff as well. She's easily shippable and the weird thing is... I don't really ship any of it. :| I never have. She's just too sweet and oblivious for me to put in a ship in canon. Not to mention the manga left it pretty open for interpretation in the end with Lantis. But... sob oblivious.

in-game: Death the Kid. Forever. This was probably the most adorable ship I have ever done and I tried very hard to make sure it was developed believably on my end of things. They had some interesting dynamics before as friends and them being together added some other interesting aspects to her character I hadn't had the chance to explore before. It took months to build up to and she didn't realize anything until after he left. And even with Kid gone, I'm still finding interesting ways to play it out.

I've considered trying to get her to move on, but Hikaru isn't the kind of character that would just forget something like that? Her "love" is pretty... stable and sincere. And I don't think she can just ignore someone she's come to love and pretend it's not there. idkidk I know what I'm thinking but can't word it at all /)_(\
Notes: Admittedly, I do kind of crack-ship Guy/Hikaru thanks to that one post (which was entirely Caleb's fault. ENTIRELY.) and I also kind of crack-ship Doumeki/Hikaru. :|a I got to play a little bit of that second one out during a Road Not Taken curse. It was cute! But then again, it was a different version of Hikaru so I shouldn't base my idea of that ship on that particular situation. idk they'd be cute in a weird way. :|

Name: Veser Amaker Hatch
Orientation: STRAIGHT
Ships?: Every woman ever. Ladies, get fresh panties. LMFAO BUT NO REALLY. Veser's a fail and tries to hit on every woman he meets, so I don't think it'll be possible at this time to really get him to settle down on one girl. He's also still very new to the game and hasn't quite settled in yet. He's managed to piss off Menolly (which was hilarious and sad all at once) but he hasn't really talked to many other girls yet. I want him to try setting up a kissing booth and it not work. :|
Notes: I would seriously love to try getting him to settle down with one girl in-game, even if it takes months or year(s) to do. It would be interesting to see how he handles it, I think. As of now, there's no canon love interest in the comic and I don't think Tessa has any intention right now to bring one in for him. IT WOULD BE INTERESTING. ;A; But I'm not going to go out of my way to try and set something up. If it happens in game, it'll happen. Right now, I don't really care. |D

I feel like I should put a srs poll here but I've got nothing I need to poll about jalfsdjf

/wastes space........,
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