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Pizza Hut, I don't understand you.

Yesterday, we had four people working and you, dear manager that I love so, wouldn't call anyone in.

Tonight we had too many people and you wouldn't send anyone home, despite it being very obvious that we were all confusing each other and messing shit up. Since I was technically not even supposed to be there today, I excused myself a couple of hours early. I may or may not have pissed a person or two off, but fuck it, we were all too stressed and there were too many bodies running around and holy mother of God, someone didn't turn the AC on so we were all sweating because of the humidity outside. But I'm pretty sure this is going to come bite me in the ass within the next two weeks. Those girls are too petty and spiteful to let it go despite I was doing them a favor. (If I'm not there, they can get more tables which means more money for them + one less body running around which means less confusion and less heat) BUT NO, I KNOW THEY'LL STILL BE MAD LOLOL IDEC MAN.

I was there for three and a half hours and I only had two tables. Yeah, not worth my time and not worth taking up Liz's labor when the other two girls very obviously had everything covered.

Just. Need new job. fucking where.

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