◦the original kat: since 2003。 (negakat) wrote,
◦the original kat: since 2003。

Dear PS2,

We've gone through so much together. You were the first gaming system I didn't have to share with my brother. You brought me together with my one true Silent Hill love all those years ago. We've traveled the country together and played all kinds of games together.

So why do you do this to me? Why do you refuse to load Chrono Cross? It was the first SquareSoft/Enix game I ever bought. Was I too rough with you in my travels? Is it because I don't play you enough? Is it because I sold you off that one time to pay for a speeding ticket? I bought you right back a week later! Tyler at the gamestore set you to off to one side to ensure I'd get you back and no one else would buy you.

I thought we had something, PS2. I thought you cared. Because I know I care.

Load my Chrono Cross disc for me, PS2. Let's go back to how we used to be. I'll even play Legend of Dragoon and FF:IX later. I just need you to load Chrono Cross for me. I promise I won't pack you in a suitcase with that self-righteous GameCube anymore. Please?

For me? ц(ㄒ△ㄒц)

p.s. - if you see DS, tell him to stop playing hide and seek. I miss him too.
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