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30 days of music meme ♫

Day 11: A song from your favorite band

Tally Hall - "Good Day"

Not even my second favorite of theirs, but it's a good song. It looks like they took down my second favorite. 8( But it's an interesting video, cute song, still my favorite band.

I was up until 6 this morning with slenderman and garfieldlogan catching up on RedvsBlue and WE ARE ALMOST THERE. But I am so-oh-ooooh tired. Good thing I have the weekend off. Speaking of, I should find out if mom still wants to see Prince of Persia tonight. Hm -- oh okay she does. Guess we're going in like an hour. kyaa first time I've seen a movie with mom in three years. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING.

My God, can I just. Either get a new motherboard or get a laptop for all my artsy fartsy new age shit? I mean honestly. Can't put in any new RAM. Fucks up my soundcard so I have no mic. Can't do any video streaming or use a webcam. I'm starting to realize now just how old my computer is. haha it'd take me fucking forever to save up for one. What I wouldn't give, man. I was looking around different sites at motherboards just to see what was out on the market, and it's kind of sad really. The cheapest motherboard anywhere (around $44) would still be supremely better than what I have now. Six year old computer, what do I even. I don't want to get rid of it since it's gone through hell and back with me, and I have spent a good deal of money on upgrades for it, but hhhhhh. THERE COMES A TIME, MAN.

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