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Now that all of that is over and done with. /sets family aside

My Hanna is Not a Boy's Name books came in the mail Saturday. They're very pretty ayaya. I am content with them. Speaking of, Sky told me some spoilers and it makes me excited for more Veser characterization heeee.

I also found out a few nights ago that Tarantino has announced he'll be doing two more Kill Bill movies, scheduled for 2014 and 2015. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, especially considering the details he's given about the plots.

Red vs Blue made me very happy this week bringing someone back to the main plotline. That was a nice surprise aaaahhhhh yay. We'll see what next week has to offer.

I've gotten to unpack all of my books and dvds and they are on shelves and I am happy with this. I spent today being productive and unpacking my clothes and putting them in drawers!! And in a closet!!!1! SHOCK AND AMAZE! My room looks like someone actually lives in it now. I'm happy.

I forgot how irritating Shana is in Legend of Dragoon. I swear, if she wasn't a major plot point. /eyes game I'm actually speeding through it faster than I did the first couple of times I played through.

Need to run some errands tomorrow, working Friday night yaya. And it's almost time for the world cup! EXCITED. There is a thunderstorm and tornado watches out right now and I am not content with this fact. 8(
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