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Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 9:30am - 4pm*
Monday; 3pm-7pm
Tuesday; 5pm-10pm

* Picked up a shift for tomorrow, SORRY, KATU?! I need the money, but hey I have the night off so we can still do SUITCASE FORT!!!1! if that's okay with you D:

also stole this from Elle

List your active RP characters. For each one, answer this question: What inspired you to start playing this character?

james "jim" hawkins
I've been drawn to Jim since like six years ago because it's kind of creepy how much I relate to him, both in situation and mentality. I mean, unusually intelligent for our age (at least I was at the time), striving to be like our fathers, then our fathers walk out on us and we live alone with our mothers and give up on school and everything else and become apathetic to our own situations. He's not much of a stretch for me to play, really. 8|

But he's redeemable and I like that about him? AS SAPPY AS IT SOUNDS, PLAYING HIM GIVES ME HOPE FOR MYSELF. Not to mention I get hilarity with the Teen Boy Squad, I love them dearly. I spent a long time trying to find the right place for him because some places I just knew wouldn't work well. He's become my main in like three months of play and I love him so much fjasldjf

veser amaker hatch
As you may have noticed, I have a a strong ping for angry teenagers with parental issues. 8( I'm still trying to figure out just what drew me to Veser besides sympathy and I think it's the immaturity in his humor, idk. It's been years since I've laughed so hard while tagging castmates and last night was beautiful; I love both my HiNaBN crews so much fjaljf But I think it basically is the sympathy factor and his raunchy sense of humor that got me. The muttonchop sideburns may have also had something to do with it. And despite the ANGRY TEENAGER typecast, he's actually very different from what I've played before, so it's interesting.

dr. facilier
I WISH I KNEW WHAT STARTED THIS. 8( I just remember spending a lot of time last November listening to his song over and over again and watching as many clips as I could find and I think I fell in love, tbh. He's so fabulous and charismatic and not like anything I ever play. He's the first villain I've ever played and I still don't know if I'm doing it well or not. I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a sense of pride while playing him because SUP LOUISIANA. I feel like I'm paying homage or something, idk.

I've been kind of worried playing him because I thought I was losing his mojo this last couple of months, but some fresh Disney villains just popped up in Elegante right before I hiatus'd so I can do shit with them now that I'm back ayayayaya CAN'T WAIT TO DO STUFF. He needs to establish himself as the first Disney villain on the boat. :'T

lina inverse
I have been a Slayers fanatic since like twelve years ago. Lina is honestly everything I could want in a main protagonist: resourceful, stubborn, determined, loud, obnoxious, intelligent, straightforward, refuses to consider death or surrender as options. (hey notice those traits sound a lot like someone else?) I'd been wanting to play her for a long time but kept putting it off because LOL SLAYERS, SO OLD. but just. I can have random outbursts and CAPSLOCK and so much fun with her and moodswings and I really love playing her when I get the chance.

What actually, seriously made me pick her up was the thought of getting to play her with Mae's Amelia and Elle's Zelgadis. Crew made in heaven, LET ME TELL YOU. I got one out of two and a Xelloss and Gourry, but :'| It's not the same. I AM HOPING TO DO STUFF WHEN I COME OFF HIATUS?! This week after work, yes.

this is my smallest active cast list ever WHAT IS THIS

edit; I'M ADDING TWO OTHERS just because :'T

I've been reading the series since highschool and I have loved Hamel from the beginning. He's such a complex character with every emotion being genuine and real, and I love that about him. He's unbelievably fun to play, with or without a crew, and I never fail to make someone keymash when he's around, and that's usually why I play him. He's such a smartass LMFAO I NEVER GET TIRED OF HIM. But he has heart and emotions under being an absolute jackhole and I try to find the right moments to let that shine through and I love being able to do it.

He's actually not in any game right now, but I can slide into his character without a moment's hesitation and go with him in dear_mun or a 4th wall post or something when I feel the urge. I adore him and he's one of the only characters in manga that's ever made me cry. CHAPTER 139, MAN. ;_;

duo maxwell
I was originally playing in an AU for derp/hilarity factor, but now that I've spent a lot of time playing him from canon? He's just an interesting character. I loved him in the series because he was so different from the rest of the cast in terms of temperament and I really adore that in him. He's fun to play, and I can usually get a lot of mileage and really, really interesting CR with him. Contrary to other Duo-s out there, I refuse to play for shipping. It goes into a lot of what I think of the character and I'm not going into that here, but I don't ship him at all (except Kayura and Kaname but :T) so.

He's also not in game, but I really do miss playing him and I've been waffling on taking him back to Poly or not because I loved his CR there. IDK THOUGH IDK. Depends on time and what happens this next week MAYBE, I'LL HEAVILY CONSIDER IT. It wouldn't take me but like ten minutes to put his app back together /)_(\

I want to app so many people at places right now but I can't aaauuuuugh NO TIME FOR IT RIGHT NOW

next week. yes, next week.

Man this entire week has just been hideous is it over yet

/goes back to reading awyeah
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