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Assistant manager, I don't like you. At all. You do not do your own work, expect everyone to pick up your slack so you can watch football and sit on the phone, and you treat everyone like crap. I've made it abundantly clear in the last month that I loathe to work with you.

Why in God's name would you believe that I would voluntarily close with you when I have the chance to be off at 6? All because you don't want to work with the guy that was scheduled to close?

You, sir, are an idiot. Do not ask me that again. ಠ_ಠ

Got a book for my father for Sunday and picked up a copy of Red Pyramid for myself. JUST GONNA SPEED THROUGH THIS ONE, brb

NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW NIGHT AT WORK 8| First Tuesday I've worked in three months hnnnggggg I hate Tuesdays.
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