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I think I could get used to working Tuesdays if they stay calm like they have been the last two weeks. Hm.

There was a really, really bad wreck just outside my restaurant's parking lot when I pulled into work earlier. Someone t-boned an SVU, sent it flipping and landed on its side across the street. I didn't see anyone injured, but they may have been taken away before I got there. But I never saw any ambulances nearby when I was coming in, so hopefully no one was too badly hurt. Still though. Damn.

Wednesday; 4pm - 9pm
Thursday; 5pm - 10pm
Friday; OFF
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 11am - 4pm
Monday; 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday; 5pm - 10pm

I haven't had a full five-day week schedule in a long, long time. I wonder how this'll turn out since my next two shifts are CSR shifts. Hopefully I won't be so tired after those and I can just chill out over the weekend. Interesting. I guess Liz finally listened to me when I told her I need money last weekend. I think laying out my monthly expenses for her gave her a better idea of why I'm so, "fjasljdf" all the time when I'm up there.

And hey, serious poll for you guys. I have in my possession all of Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz in digital remastered form and I'm going to be iconing the hell out of it as I watch it. I know there are a few people interested in these icons, but I'm trying to figure out where to post these icons since I'm posting them by episode rather than a monthly batch like I do my usual posts. Help me out here.

Poll #1582522 Gundam Icons

Where should I post my GWing icons?

here in my personal journal
in isotropicons and make it my Gundam icon archive
torment naturalperms with terrifyingly frequent posts

Something to keep in mind, naturalperms is a shared community between myself and four other people. It's not solely mine, so yeah.

Also if you have any particular character requests, let me know. I know I'm going to be doing a lot of Duo Maxwell for RP purposes and I have requests for Relena. Anyone else?

I'm actually really lightheaded and dizzy right now, so I'm taking the intelligent route and laying down early tonight.
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