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So I can drink horribly and never get a hangover, but three ice cream sandwiches over the course of a week and I'm down for the count. What the fuck is this body even.

Monday; OFF
Tuesday; 5-10
Wednesday; 4-10
Thursday; OFF
Friday; 5-11
Saturday; 3-11
Sunday; 11-4
Monday; OFF
Tuesday; 5-10

Suddenly going from 16 hours a week to 30 FFFFFFFFFF this oughta be fun. I'd been enjoying having weekends off

Katu, I guess this means I can do this post tonight or Wednesday night/Thursday. When would be better for you? idk just let me know before it gets to be too late today hhhhh Whichever day I don't post for Jim, I'll post for Lina, hm.

/buries self under blankets
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