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Whoops schedule change

Saturday; 3pm - 11pm
Sunday; 9:30am - 4pm
Monday; 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday; 5pm - 10pm

Nitra, why do you do this. Ask me about coming in early on Sunday next time.

I may try to trade off my Tuesday if I can find someone available that can actually handle it. None of the new people can from what Liz told me, that's for sure.

brb not existing until next week

Also what right do people think they have to speak so rudely and disrespectfully to someone they've only met five seconds ago? It's been a long time since I've been treated so harshly by customers for so many hours. It's exhausting being scowled and yelled at for five hours straight for things that aren't your fault. Everyone that came in tonight was so snappy and demanding and put out and just. Flat out mean to Liz and I.

I just. Fail to see how that's acceptable in any society, to think it's okay to be rude to people serving you in any customer service industry, but especially food service. I'm sure some of those people were just already having bad days, but man, don't take it out on someone else you don't even know. Ah well. They all got their food, so I hope they're in better moods tomorrow wherever they go.
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