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◦the original kat: since 2003。


☇ he grew up in poverty and had to go out on his own at a "very early age" (left open for interpretation)

☇ "But with his charismatic personality already in place, he quickly learned how to use his wits and charm to survive and make people like him"

☇ He started going aboard various ships trying to find the "big score". "Having a slippery moral code, he hooked up with pirates while young and eventually worked his way up to the position of pirate captain"

☇ never married, no children, personal philosophy is "never stick yer neck out fer nobody"

☇ While pirate captain, he worked with Mr. Scroop (though always suspicious of him) and Mr. Turnbuckle (the octopus looking pirate at the helm who is fiercely loyal to Silver). They've got a long history together as pirates

☇ he eventually got into a battle with Billy Bones for the map and followed his ship to the city Benbow on Montressor

☇ following the lead, he and his three-man group get hired on as crewmen for the Legacy

☇ he was designed to be from a bear planet (like Delbert is a dog and Amelia is a cat)
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