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JIM HAWKINS [backstory and character information]

Leland and Sarah Hawkins (ages 19 and 17 respectively) moved to Benbow on Montressor in hopes of striking it big with the successful mining industry of the planet, only for Sarah to give birth to Jim Hawkins months later. Leland, young and immature, was not ready to commit to raising a family yet and the industry wasn't working out as well as he'd hoped. When Jim was eight, Leland packed up his things and left, leaving Sarah and Jim to look out for themselves. Sarah turned their two-story house into a bed and breakfast to make a living and keep a roof over their heads. Jim never fully recovered and seemed to do fine until he hit his teen years and began failing school, getting into trouble, and breaking the law repeatedly.

At the movie's beginning, a turtle crash landed  at the docks outside the inn. Seeing he was injured, Jim helped him inside where the turtle died, leaving Jim with a gold sphere and a warning -- "Beware the cyborg". At that moment, pirates came to ambush the inn in search of the alien and his item. Jim, Sarah, and their long time family friend Doctor Delbert Doppler escaped the now burning inn and left for Doppler's observatory home. After furthering his guilt about the whole thing and fiddling around with the sphere, Jim unlocked it and it turned out to be a treasure map. And the final place? Was Treasure Planet, a place rooted in the legends Jim loved as a child.

In an effort to help reform him, Sarah let Jim go on an expedition with Doppler to find this treasure planet.
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