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Hello I am a RP plotting and discussion post


character; Jim Hawkins
canon; Disney's Treasure Planet
journal; believeslegends
Jim. Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmm, he is my main forever and ever. My problem is the last few weeks (before this whole flooring business), I felt like I was losing the more teenage side of him? I've been playing him being more grown up than I should be. I'll be inhaling his movie once all this stuff is finished this weekend. I was watching with Katu the other week and making some mental notes (like how he randomly... yells.... a lot....), but there are a lot of moments where he actually acts his age? And I need to figure out how to bring that part of him back out. I need to do some fun, derpy stuff with him and the boys, and I really really need to get him outside of his comfort zone and talking to new people. I've started zoning in on certain characters and I don't need to do that. But yeah, I need to focus firstly on getting his character/voice down again, then this plot with Nikki, then branching out. Or do this plot and branch out at the same time, idk. I'm more concerned about his characterization, tbh.

I do have some stuff in mind, particularly him getting close to Silver again. Since they can't really do ship duties on the boat, Nikki and I are having Silver teach Jim cooking? It's working! Kind of! I figure Jim already knew how to do a lot of it what with helping his mom around the inn. I figure that'll be a month or two into play, then have follow-up stuff with Azula from waaaaay back when he first arrived in March. Because I also remembered Jim's not good at picking his fights and says a lot of dumb things to people more powerful than him. 8( It serves a lot of purposes in the end for me, Nikki, and Katu and Sparky always likes Azula going at people so. IT WORKS. And then after that, idk, probably more fun times.

character; Rain Jewlett
canon; Immortal Rain
journal; not_methuselah
Rain, orz, my poor backburner character at Elegante. I DIDN'T MEAN FOR HIM TO BE. When I was originally looking at Elegante back in February, he was actually my original choice to app but I held off until last month. (Ask Thorn, we'd thrown around ideas of him and Tyki being there, IT WOULD'VE BEEN FUN.) He's actually my favorite to play when I can get into him. /)_(\ I need to go back to him finding someone to build a new stabilizer for him? I may just suck it up and say B did it, idk. I kind of want to play him turning into an Angel for a little while until he gets it fixed. Other than that, I have no real plans for him? Which is sad, he's very easy to plot with, I just need to get to the point where I can look at Ele and think about Rain. I do know I want to get him to the point where I can break him. I want to play him serious and bamf. I've only ever played him as a derp because the situation's never come up? Which is my own fault for not getting him seriously involved in any game I play him in. BUT I'LL GET IT. I'll. Get him to the point I can break him completely. B)

POSSIBLE APPS: Definitely definitely apping Hikaru (MKR) to Elegante, once apps re-open and I decide when to pull her from. My original thought was to pull her from as she's disappearing pulling Eagle from the Pillar Test, but then I realized I didn't want her to have an existential crisis on the boat forever lol. 8( So maybe just the beginning of volume 6, idk. I've taken a long enough break from her, I think, that I can come back to her fresh and not be so jflkasjdf about her.

I'm also still throwing around the idea of apping Jack from Samurai Jack, but I need to finish canon reviewing and making icons and hhhhhh. Since Otana had Uncle, I wasn't going to , but she just dropped him and I know Katu was wanting someone to train Sokka so I'M HEAVILY CONSIDERING IT AGAIN. I'll finish watching and see what happens. I have a journal for him too, I just. Have to watch and make icons. He's very difficult to icon, btw. B( 20 variations of :| faces. What even. But I don't know.

I'm also contemplating Sora from KH? We have a fabulous Riku and Kairi and I've been wanting to try playing Sora for moooooonths. But if I app Sora, idk how long I'd keep him against Hikaru since they're both incredibly similar in temperment (especially up against Rain as well HNNGGG) but we'll see? I'm still replaying the games so. IDK IDK.


character; Duo Maxwell
canon; New Mobile Report Gundam WING
journal; mechaplanned
First thing's first: How did I get down to just one character at Poly? WHAT. How did I even fjalsjf oh well. But aaahhh unintended hiatus from Poly for the entire month of July; no motivation to be there whatsoever for a lot of different reasons, I talked for a while about it on plurk. But definitely coming back with Duo. I'm really glad I app'd him back into Poly. I can't really imagine playing him in any other game? (That. Doesn't already have one, but hey whatevs) My only problem right now is trying to figure out what he could have been doing for the entire month of July OTL. Gathering information, sure, but hhhhhhh. idk, I'll figure something out. I know I definitely want to have him affected by the Bad Luck curse on the 13th. That curse was just fucking MADE for Duo. Other than that, I don't have any actual plans for him? The other curses don't really interest me in the least. I'd rather get him involved in actual. Plot stuff. with other characters. fjalskdjf idk idk I'm so uncomfortable and nervous at Poly these days, I'm terrified of getting super involved again. /)_(\ I'll post for him tomorrow and see what happens.

Also yes, consider this the IF ANYONE WANTS TO DO ANYTHING, HIT ME UP post.


character; Lina Inverse
canon; Slayers/NEXT/TRY/Revolution/Evolution-R
journal; fireballed
No plans here either. I haven't gotten to look at Hometrail in a week or two, so I have no fucking clue what's going on?! It's also the other game I'm terrified of fjaklsdf EVERYONE SCARES ME BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL REALLY AWESOME and they're also already very close?! So I feel like I'm intruding on stuff and afljasdklfj /sits in her Slayers corner with Elle .______. But yeah, I really have no idea? I know she kept the costumes from Beast's castle because LOL SORRY, ZEL. You never know when you might need disguises B) But yeah, idk, I need to get my ass in gear and get active and have her make Zel's life more miserable and terrorize everyone trying to find Gourry since Ri idled out.

also hey work related stuff!

one. I'm not sure how many people on my flist actually eat at Pizza Hut, but my district manager came in today to tell us about probably the coolest thing we've ever had. We're starting this Big Italy Pizza soon (I don't know the actual date people can start ordering it), but it's basically a huge 3' x 1.5' pizza with 18 square slices. It's. Huge. and will take up the entire width of our oven. SERIOUSLY THIS THING IS KIND OF COOL. You have to understand, we got the pans for this pizza back in February with no word on what they actually were and I hadn't heard anything about it since? I thought we were throwing them out soon, but fffffffffffff it's dumb how excited I am for this 8( Alan was talking about getting a new cut table and new pan grips and shit for this thing aaaahhh how sad is it that this is the only way we get new stuff flasjdf /head in hands

two. complete 180 here, but seriously. Seriously. You don't come into any restaurant fifteen minutes to closing, talk about how you won $2000 at bingo moments before, order pizza and keep the entire staff there almost an hour after closing, and then don't tip. That's bullshit, sir. B| I'd be a lot angrier, but I'm too tired and after everything else this week, it's hard to be mad at something like that. I just. haha. Why would you ever. I wouldn't be saying anyting at all if they'd left me something, but not even a damn penny. What the fuck. B|


WOW OKAY SO a lot of people keep wanting this coding so

there, have at it
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