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So yesterday, I was in an absurdly good mood and wanted to talk to everyone but no one was around, so I waited. And then a really bad storm rolled in and rained all my social wants away and when it left, I just sat in Katu's IM window not talking and sat in skypechat not saying anything until I fell asleep and wow my neck really hurts from how I fell asleep. OOPS. I don't remember much of the skypechat except that Ash was high and kept digging her own grave saying Otana looked manly. s'all I'm sayin.

I keep thinking, "Man, I really don't want to go to work today." Until I think about going to work tomorrow and probably not getting off until almost two hours later. And then I think, "Man I really don't want to go to work tomorrow." I'm getting really tired of working late nights. I need to find a cushy day job where I can have as little interaction with customers as possible because I'm about ready to refuse service to some of these regulars.


HEY SO I'VE BEEN SAVING THIS STORY FOR A FEW DAYS, I had to get over the sheer creeper factor of it before I could really tell it.

Right, so remember this table (point b) from a couple of weeks ago? They come in every other night around the same time, blah blah, I really really hate them but I play nice anyway because it's too exhausting to be mean and I don't want to cause trouble.

Visual representation:

The guy on the left always comes in first and orders, then his wife comes in, followed by his brother and the brother's sister. All are in their mid-late forties, look like they haven't bathed in a while, always order beer even though they know full well we don't serve it and haven't for years and then get mad because we don't have it and proceed to be douchecocks to me the entire time they're there because of it.

Monday night, same time despite my futile hope that maybe they wouldn't come in. BUT HEY, LO AND BEHOLD, there they come. I didn't put them in the usual booth I put them at because I'd just cleaned it for the night and I guess they were miffed at that. Too fucking bad, I was in a hurry to get my shit done and I already had three other tables that had come in late so I was already in a bad mood and I was still really really sick and was tired and blah and didn't want to deal with that foursome in particular.

So they get their food and I'm busy doing my sidework so I can gtfo on time (I didn't, btw) while I take care of my other tables who I know I am much more likely to get a tip off of (I did, plentifully). And the area basically looks like this:

note: this is when all of you realize you can't read my tablet-handwriting. But basically all the tables I had were sitting in the booths on that left side because everything else was cleeeaaaan. And the foursome were sitting in the very first one by the door.

So I'm taking care of my other tables and have to walk by them to get to the kitchen and dishroom and every time I walked by, the brother would just keep staring at me. And I'm extremely paranoid with a lot of social anxieties, so I don't like it when people stare at me, it makes me uncomfortable. Especially when that person is a mid-forties backwater hillbilly. I finally walk by and he catches my attention and I think, "Oh maybe he finally wants something to drink." Because he didn't want anything when he came in since we don't have beer.

Him: Hey.............. are you married?
Me: ......No. /walks away to get another table a to-go box

Hi skeevy-levels have now gone up! He did it about four other times that I walked by and he finally caught me when I couldn't get away (my other tables were gone and I was just waiting for them to leave so I could clean their table and put the salad bar up hhhhhh).

Him: Heeeeeey are you married.
Me: No. =_=
Him: Do you like alcohol?
Me: I do drink, yes. =_=
Him: So this is my brother [gestures to doorag man], and this is his wife, and this is my sister [gestures to woman beside him with a big big grin]
Me: Oh, I see.... /known this for weeks
Me: No, I'm not interested.
Him: So you just don't date? ...........,,,. Do you drink?

I guess they were ready to leave about ten or fifteen minutes later because they started yelling at me from across the room. I was on the far side of the salad bar and all of a sudden I heard, "BOXES!!!" They kind of started laughing when I looked over at them from where I was because lol it's so fun to be assholes to the night waitress I'M SURE IT IS. But they just didn't ask me to come over or at least form a complete sentence letting me know they wanted a box. Just, "BOXES!!!"

Their sister always pays for everything and she told me not to think about it, her brother had been drinking before they came in, which makes me beg to question why they came in the first place. That's no excuse for rude behavior, I'm sorry. Not when they're like this every other night. I want to ask my manager if it's okay if I refuse to give someone service because they're always rude and disrespectful and keep me after hours with no tip. If they left me anything, I wouldn't care as much, I'd just shrug it off as trailer trash, but come oooon. I'm always stuck at least half an hour after closing because of them.

And now you guys understand why I don't like working nights. Because this is eeeeeeeeeevery night that I close. If I close Thursday, Friday, and Monday, they come in Thursday, Friday, and Monday nights. I'M JUST REALLY TIRED OF CLOSING OKAY.

Wow I didn't mean for that story to take so long to tell but now you know one of the many horrors of my job.


I had something else to talk about but telling that story made me forget.

/walks away from journal
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