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Went ahead and canceled a teeth screening appointment I had today at the university. My tongue hurts too much for a student to be poking around in my mouth. I'm sure she can find other students around that need that done.

No intentions of going out today for anything. Need to use the day to rest up for work this week. I'm really hoping she'll have someone new hired by tomorrow so we can put them on the schedule and give me another day or so off but I probably shouldn't hold my breath. I know how my luck is. :I

My aunt and cousin are coming into town this weekend apparently?! I had no idea. I actually like this aunt and cousin, they're really good to my mom. It sucks they're coming in the one weekend I won't have time to visit. I'd say I'd visit with them Sunday, but I know as soon as I come in that afternoon, I'll want to just sleep. I'm sure mom can explain to them why I'm not spending time with them. ._.

hhh I have a couple of meme responses to get to and then some writing to get done, you guys have a great day. ♥ And I didn't say it before, but good luck to everyone going back to classes this week!
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