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Oil-rig explosion yesterday morning. The second one within five months off my coast and I'm still kind of pissed about it. But there's supposedly reports of no oil leaking anywhere, so I guess it's okay? But all the same, that's. Suspicious. I don't really like this.

Though I think the teen texting a sheriff for pot wins the day for most amusing story. How do you even. I guess he was new and didn't have his dealer's number in his phone or something already, just wtf. I lol'd.

4 more days until KH:BBS release HNNNNGGGG FOUR YEARS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. I haven't seen any of the recent trailers ("recent" being within the last year and a half) so I have NO IDEA WHAT'S UP. I just remember that first teaser trailer at the end of KH2 and one other trailer sometime mid-last year. Soooooo excited ;A; Fact: I bought my PSP specifically for this game (being able to play FF:Dissidia is a side-perk). Need to figure out if I'll have enough money for it or go reserve it on my way to work today or something hhhhhh

But I'm kind of wtfing at the KH:3DS release information that's been previewed. I. What. I hope there's more to it than that, otherwise I'll probably be done with this franchise. No, I won't. Mind you, I have no intentions of buying a 3DS right now (or ever unless something amazing comes out for it), but all the same. :|

The information for Batman: Arkham City sounds interesting, at least, despite there not being much to see yet. It's still a little early, but I'm keeping my eye on it. +_+ It's not set to be out until sometime next year it looks like.

A new Legend of Zelda game but no story information yet, curses, Nintendo. B( I want to know what this story is, I can consider the gameplay laterrrrrr.

Probably the biggest upcoming release is Halo Reach and I wish I had the money to go buy the special edition XBOX that's being released with it. I JUST. IT LOOKS GORGEOUS AAAAHHHHH I'll probably just be inhaling information as it comes out. ;_;

And still really really excited for Portal 2. If I just splurge and spend money I don't have on an XBOX, it'd be for Portal 2, hands down. I've been devouring any information I find since I first heard about it and I cannot wait to see what Valve does with a full-length title for it.

Everyone, take a moment to marvel at my productivity. I've been awake for an hour and I've: washed mom's sheets and put them back on her bed, put all the towels into wash, dusted her bedroom, read the news, and dug up the links for all these game releases.

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