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Work's been really chill the last three shifts, it's been a nice relief. I had nothing but wonderful tables Friday night, I only had one mad carry out customer last night and most of my tables were amiable this morning. My only problem has been my 3 o'clock not showing up today at all so I got stuck at work an hour and a half later than I was supposed to. Aside from that frustration, this weekend turned out to be far more pleasant than I ever hoped it would.

And idk how, but I'm way ahead of schedule for my budget. I didn't think I'd make the $100 I needed in three days, I figured it would've taken me at least a week and a half until the 14th. But this is really good, I can go ahead and knock this out early. I'll drop it off when I pick up my KH:BBS copy Tuesday on my way into work.

I don't know. I'm pretty mellowed out right now and I have no idea why. But I'm not. Really entirely here either. I think Iiiii need to just chill out for a while and read or something. I should be tagging/posting to this event in Elegante because I promised I would, but hhhh just. Not feeling like talking to anyone right now. Need some alone time. Maybe later tonight or something.
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