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Tuesday; 4-10p (might be getting off early? I doubt this seriously but there's the slimmest of slim chances)
Wednesday; OFF
Thursday; 4-10p
Friday; 3-11p
Saturday; 5-9p
Sunday; 9:30-4p
Monday; 4-10p
Tuesday; OFF

At least she gave me next Tuesday off.

I love when my friends come in to eat. Hanging out with them for a while really brightened up my mood. Though I do wonder where Adam got that scar. It looked like it must've been nasty when it happened, whenever that was. Must've been when he was in active duty.

I've hit the very frightening point of this stint where I don't care about anything happening up there. I think what's more frightening is when I get like this is when I make the best tips. Weird.
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