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SO HEY WE'RE GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS GAME A LITTLE now that I've had some time to play (keyword: a "little").

Game thus far:

- currently playing Terra's storymode, made it to Dwarf Forest (snow white hhhhhh /ears bleed)
- cleared the first visits of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty's castles
- playing Aqua's when I finish Terra's story, I'm saving Ven for last

- Iiiii am not really digging this combat system much. The keypad is pretty easy to get used to, but the command deck is making me jfklasdjf I'm getting used to it, but I was raging all night not being able to get to my potions until I had a deck slot open for them. The Shotlock option is useful but it takes too much effort to set your enemies up to make it efficient. I've only used the D-Link once but damn if I'm not going to spam the hell out of that option.

- I have a bit of a stigma against Aqua right now LMFAO I talked about this on plurk, but I. I hate mages. I'm a melee fighter through and through and I have no use for mains that rely so heavily on magic. I'm not looking forward to her storyline if only for that little nitpick. I'm sure it's a good story but jfklasjdf MAGE. >(

- I never looked at anything for the game in the last year and a half, so I'm only just now seeing how ridiculous these character designs are. Most notably Terra's pants and Aqua's boobstraps. WHAT EVEN FJALSFJ

- I actually thought it was a nice touch to have Maleficent teleport with her green fires like the original movie than with the darkness portals. ;_; MALEFICEEEENT /reaches for

- I'm still kind of weirded out about how Terra's keyblade turned into his transport ship... thing... Um. What.

- If anyone wanted to make a bet on who I'd get pinged for in this game, go ahead and take your money if you bet on Terra. HE'S SUCH A SECRET DERP I CAN'T EVEN. I'll wait until I finish the game before I decide if I'll seriously play him anywhere BUT I WANT TO SO BADLY LMAOjflasjdf His stuff with Cinderella made me laugh so fucking hard. He fits my typecast so well sob.

- speaking of RPing, WHY DOES NO ONE MAKE GOOD ICONS OF TERRA. Everyone's iconing the shit out of Ven and Aqua BUT COME OOOOOON Terra has some good moments for icons. ;_;

All in all, I'm enjoying it, I just have to force myself through this fucking Snow White area fjaljsd

hhhh mom's getting off work about now /hides in bedroom
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