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Juuuuust a couple of things here really quick before I get busy for the night.

ms_elegante is having its annual 4th wall event starting TOMORROW, at 12PST (2pm CST, so forth). Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to come visit around. We have a really wide variety of characters (both fandom and OC) so definitely come swing by. I'll be posting for Jim, Rain, and Veser as I have time (i.e. Saturday). So please come say hi. p.s. Mae, we have to bring the derps to troll Flute.

This? This is the greatest thing ever. Why can't we do stuff like this here in the States? /makes icons from kitties omg

More geared to Kingdom Hearts people, but HEY. When I pre-ordered my copy of Birth by Sleep, it came with two green PSP decals. They're very nice and are for the back of the PSP and they were made specifically for this game's pre-order release. I don't see myself using either of them (all my gaming and computer tech match and I want to keep it that way), so if anyone wants one of them, contact me? I'm willing to give them both away. Just let me know. ♥

Annnnnnd that's it for tonight, gotta work on some other things.
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