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I am technically not breaking hermit-mode if I just post my schedule, right? Right?

Wednesday; OFF
Thursday; 4-10p
Friday; 3-11p
Saturday; 5-9p
Sunday; 9:30a - 3p
Monday; 4-10p
Tuesday; OFF

Oh gosh two days off on this week's schedule WHAT DO.

also I am going to share with you the nerdiest of nerd stories because after tonight it won't be relevant.

The manager of the gamestop across the street from work is a girl I've known since highschool so I've always known she was a kind of a big nerd. I stopped by on my way out of work to see if they wanted anything since they're doing the midnight release and I.... She is cosplaying Cortana. Like, all out. And she makes for a really good Cortana too. :'|

I JUST WANTED TO SHARE THAT STORY and now I disappear back into my caaaave
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