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What moron decides for himself that he's not working nights anymore, scratches out all his night shifts for the week and tells everyone except his manager as a way to "teach her a lesson"? Idiot. He better not get himself fired, he's one of the only good cooks we have left.

Oh well I got off work early because of it in some strange twist of fate.

8am meeting tomorrow morning that is probably our district manager chewing us out and threatening to close us down. This happens every three or four months, I'm not that worried. Just annoyed and not looking forward to waking up that early. I just hope we can find a cook for tomorrow night.

Mom's about having a meltdown on the other side of the house because she has a damage control press conference tomorrow and no idea what to wear. She keeps asking me for advice and I'm like, "You do realize my entire wardrobe is a work uniform and hippie shirts and jeans, right?" I CANNOT HELP YOU, MOM.

sup guys
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