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Meeting this morning was a waste of time; I fought 8am traffic from across town to listen to my district manager talk about something I already knew for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes was not worth the gas it took to get there.

But they fired Mike, the only good cook we had left. This... really bums me out. That leaves us with Stacy, who works mornings and I don't work with her and Bobby, who's slow as shit and never pays attention to what he's doing. I end up with eight or nine remakes every night because he doesn't pay attention and because he's so slow. And then a couple of new guys that started last week that can't handle being on their own just yet. Just... Fucking a, Mike, why'd you do that. If he'd just talked to Liz about his schedule, they could've worked something out without him having to be fired. He and Keith were the only cooks I really enjoyed working with.

I spent all of last night on the cut-table, cut my arm up pretty badly. I don't even know how I did it. I don't remember cutting myself on anything. I didn't think much of it last night, but it's hurting like a bitch tonight.

Found out they're building a Cheddar's about five or six minutes away from the house. I may try to get in there when they start hiring. If I can, then I'm out of Pizza Hut. I love working there, I love my coworkers, but I hate the clientele. The people on that side of town are just so fjlajf Liz was asking me again earlier tonight if I was sure I didn't want to be a shift leader. lol noooooooo. I reeeaaaally want to work on my side of town.

I'm tired. I'm not sleepy, but I'm tired. I think taking that extra week off from RP was a good idea, it's been one less thing I have to think about until Monday. Not having to think about it and not letting myself get confused with things has helped me sort myself out a lot more easily this week. I've spent this entire week being so scared and afraid of something and I've finally reached a nice, calm, apathetic state of mind about it. I mean-- I'm still scared, I'm just not frantic and crying at night over it now. Just a little further and I can stop caring about it altogether. Mm. I'll get there.

I think I'm in the mood for Batman. Under the Red Hood and then Batman Beyond. I miss Terry. I never did make a journal for him last year hm. /thinks on this
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