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Wednesday; 4-10
Thursday; 4-10
Friday; 4-11
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 10am-3p
Monday; 4-10
Tuesday; OFF

Liz said she has interviews set up for all day Wednesday for cooks and servers so MAYBE I'LL GET SOME HELP?! flasjkdf /head in hands

TONIGHT WAS A CHILL NIGHT, THOUGH. The Saints were playing so I only had maybe ten tables the whole night and my night manager wasn't mad at me bailing on him yesterday afternoon (granted, I was supposed to be off an hour before he came in but. Not. talking about that. B|).

but aaahhhh if we can get like one or two more servers, they can get rid of this girl that's causing them so many problems and I won't have such crazy ass hours anymore and I can look for another job. ;_; fjaklsjd /HOPES?!
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