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Day #1: Your favorite character
Jim Hawkins.

If you didn't see that coming, then you aren't paying attention. A lot of why he's my favorite is more personal to me (similarities and such) and also because of RP and the friends I've made through RPing him, but also because he's just a good, awesome character with the situation he was given in his story. I think Disney did a fantastic job taking a rather bland, uninteresting kid in Treasure Island and making him into a really well rounded, real teenager that a lot of people can relate to for Treasure Planet. And to finish out this sap completely, he kind of gives me hope for myself because I used to be a lot like him? And knowing he made it somewhere with a real future makes me think maybe I have that chance too. 8(

AND even though the movie hasn't even come out yet, FLYNN RIDER IS MAKING HIS WAY TO MY FAVORITE TOO WHAT EVEN. How can I say no?

Day #2: Your favorite princess
UUUHHH If you'd asked me this when I was ten, I would've said Ariel in a heartbeat but now I'm older and I'm kind of leaning to Aurora. The movie itself aside, her character was very believable, very real in her reactions, and just. Yes. 8( And she looks fabulous in blue, just sayin'.

Day #3: Your favorite heroine
OH GOSH UM. UM. I'm going to go along with Elle and say Jane from Tarzan. I was watching it again the other night andj fasfjaskdf SHE IS SO CUTE WHAT EVEN. ;A; Just wanna take her and her adorable self home with me

Day #4: Your favorite prince
> implying I have one

NO REALLY I. I generally just. Really don't like any of the Disney princes because they're all flat and boring. Naveen definitely takes this because jfklasjfk NAVEEN.

Day #5: Your favorite hero
BASIL OF BAKER STREET, DON'T EVEN TRY TO ARGUE THIS. He's so animated (no pun intended) and fun to watch and brilliant and SO AWKWARD around other mice and jflajdf honestly I love him to death 8( That scene of him and Dawson in the toy shop when Basil gets on his ass about losing the girl and then he's like "oh I went too far um. UM HOWDOIMAKEHIMFEELBETTER" is just jflkasjdf And then later at the end of the clock fight, when Dawson&Co show up to get Basil, Basil looks SO HAPPY and tired to see them and jfklasjdfkj IT MELTS MY HEART.

yes my favorite the end

Day #6: Your favorite animal
Iiiiiiieeeee don't like Disney animals, tbh. They come across as a mascot and very gimicky to me and can sometimes really lose some epic tension in a scene (re: Morph in the Scroop and Jim chase). That being said, definitely Lewis in Princess and the Frog. He wasn't gimicky at all, he had a purpose for being there, and he was just fun.

Day #7: Your favorite sidekick
LMFAO I DON'T REALLY LIKE SIDEKICKS EITHER FOR THE SAME REASONS I DON'T LIKE THE ANIMALS. But to be honest, idk if she counts as a sidekick or just a side character, but Nani from Lilo and Stitch. She strikes me as a sidekick since.... lol Lilo and Stitch are the mains. But I adore Nani and the things she puts up with in an effort to try and keep Lilo in her custody. She really was just trying to get by and do what she could and I love that.

Day #8: Your favorite villain
Rattigan. (1) He's a great villain. No superpowers or anything, just a genius wanting to rule mousedom and a way to make everyone around him fear him. (2) Great Mouse Detective. Duh. (3) VINCENT FUCKING PRICE. GET OUT.

Day #9: Your favorite original character
This is reeeeeeeaaaaaally hard, but Imma say Chip (Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers). I can't really put a finger onto why except nostalgia factor. I loved that show dearly and watched it every day and played the video game almost nonstop and it was so great and I LOVE CHIP OKAY SHUT UP

Day #10: Your favorite song
Johnny Rzeznik's "Always Know Where You Are" from Treasure Planet. I just. yeah. 8(

Also, "Every Little Piece" from Pete's Dragon. It's a fun song and it's cute and DRAGONS. (FYI, I've been nuts about dragons since I was like four, THIS MOVIE AND THE RELUCTANT DRAGON DID NOT HELP). It's such a quirky song, I love it.

Day #11: Your favorite love song
"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" from Hercules. It has great harmony, the melody is way catchy and Meg is so awesome, okay I can't even. 8(

Day #12: Your favorite villain song

"Be Prepared" and "Friends on the Other Side". Mossssssstly because voices HNNNNNGGGG. I could sit and listen to them sing all fucking day. "Be Prepared" is really good, gets stuck in your head and is fabulous for parody AMVs. Also, Jeremy Irons. But "Friends on the Other Side" is a fun song and actually moves plot along as it's being sung and that really says a lot, I think. AND OF COURSE, Keith Richards aahhh

Day #13: Your least favorite song
"Boo Bop Bopbop Bop" from Pete's Dragon. THIS SONG, I JUST. AUGH. WHY. I-i-it's just really. Really awkward.

Day #14: Your favorite kiss
I left this blank for a long time because I have no fucking clue

But Imma say Jack and Sally. 8( THEY JUST. /holds them close

Day #15: The first movie you saw
I don't know if this was the first Disney movie I ever saw, but the earliest one I know of was the Little Mermaid when I was three. Mom said we used to see every Disney movie in the theaters and I remember I was obsessed with that movie until I was seven or eight.

Day #16: Your favorite classic
101 Dalmations. Completely disregarding it's about dogs for a second here, the movie is beautiful. I love the sketchy art, the human designs were cute and pleasing, and Cruella DeVille, man. No one can say no. It also has a lot of my favorite kind of music and jfklasjdf yes.

Day #17: Your least favorite classic
Gonna be the unpopular one and say Snow White here. I KNOW, I KNOW, IT WAS WHAT GOT THEM STARTED. But something about the art in it bugs me (how realistic everyone looks against very cartoonish dwarves), the music and singing vocals squick me badly, and honestly the Queen was the only interesting character in there for me. I just have an incredibly hard time watching it and enjoying it the way I probably should.

Day #18: Your favorite Pixar film
Finding Nemo goes here. It's cute, incredibly quotable and just..... cute. I think it definitely had one of the best scripts of the Pixar films to date, as far as character dialogue goes. I love iiiitttt

Day #19: Your least favorite Pixar film
hhhhh Cars. I've never been that big on racing to begin with and I really, REALLY hate Larry the Cable Guy. Those two things being the major factors in one movie = not a favorite of Kat's.

Day #20: Favorite sequel

Day #21: An overrated movie
Beauty and the Beast. THERE I SAID IT.

Okay no don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful movie, beautiful animation, great music.

But the script. The reads. Okay like. I was watching it the other night for the first time in a year or so? And the line reads were so flat and boring and I couldn't sit through more than about twenty minutes in before I switched over to Tarzan. I just-- yeah. I dunno, it was presented really well and I'll definitely be buying the dvd re-release in November this year (because I only have it on VHS hurhur) but it'll probably sit on my shelf and never get watched.

Day #22: An underrated movie
Bedknobs and Broomsticks. SHUTUPDON'TJUDGEME. It's a fun movie with WWII references, cute music and a great, great makeshift family scenario that I love dearly. It's one of those movies I wore out when I was a kid and I'm surprised my dvd copy isn't scratched to hell and back with how much I watch it. The "Portabello Road" sequence is great and I'M GOING TO SHUT UP NOW I COULD GUSH ABOUT THIS MOVIE FOREVER.

Day #23: A movie that makes you laugh
Emporer's New Groove, hands down. It's cute and funny and quotable and David Spade is everything I could have wanted in Kuzco and more. Also one of the last movies my family and I watched when we were still all together, so it's special to me in that respect as well.

Day #24: A movie that makes you cry
I DON'T CRY DURING DISNEY MOVIES BECAUSE APPARENTLY I HAVE NO SOUL. I didn't cry during UP and that supposedly sealed that fact. :'|

Day #25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
Jim going off on Silver in either of those scenes (his "DON'T YOU GET IT" scene and the map negotiations scene). Seeing Jim emote is really amazing to me and I love listening to his voice get pitchy and crack and be so unlike himself the rest of the movie.

Day #26: Saddest death
Gaston. 8( He wasn't necessarily a villain so much as he was just misguided into thinking he was doing a service (if you. ignore what he did to Maurice. Focusing on his hunting the Beast for this). He honestly thought the Beast was a real monster because of that era's mindset and was trying to be HERO.

Day #27: Your favorite quote

Day #28: Your favorite theme park
MAGIC KINGDOM. ;_; idc how cliche that sounds, I fucking love Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld in Orlando. I had so much fun there when I was in high school. Frontier Land was pretty cool too and is really close to that second spot, but Magic Kingdom has a lot more nostalgia-factor for me.

Day #29: Your favorite theme attraction Series
My favorite what.

Day #30: Your favorite theme park show
I didn't get to see any when I was there. 8( I think the only "show" I got to see was the fireworks at the end of the night outside Cinderella's Castle. WOE.

fjalskdjf man idk how you people with siblings can stand being around them all the time I'M ABOUT READY TO KICK MY BROTHER OUT and he's only been here twelve hours I can't jfklasjdf I WISH I KNEW WHEN HE'S LEAVING. I spent my entire morning chauffeuring him around since he still doesn't have a car right now.

ALSO NEW HANNA STRIP, OH MY GOD?! It's been how long now? /inhales it

herpaderp /goes back to watching Black Cauldron 8T
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