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♦ left work early, didn't even bother clocking in. They scheduled a third person there and I can barely stand up without hurting, so it worked out I guess. I can spend the evening resting and trying not to be sick everywhere hhhh These painkillers can kick in aaaaaany time now.

♦ LJ staff finally took care of the twitter/facebook shit so we can all stfu about it. Awesome.

♦ Katu and Blu own my soul for this AU we've been putting together for a week now what even. I am in love with this thing it's so retarded jfaklsdjf I NEED TO GET BACK INTO ELEGANTE BUT IT'S HARD TO PAY ATTENTION WITH AN AWESOME AU GOING

♦ My brother left to go back to Shreveport last night so I can relax around the house again. This makes me content.

♦ I am going to start the great Disney-thon while I lay in bed and wait for Caleb to wake up and/or Katu to get on, whichever comes first 8|

♦ ... I thought this post would have more to it but it doesn't. :| BORING AS HELL ENTRY, SORRY FOR TAKING UP THE SPACE.
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