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Work was work, nothing to it. Sat at the pick-up window all night. It was kind of relaxing in its own way. I'm just tired now. My brother and his ride/girl/person isn't here, so I'm enjoying going to the kitchen freely without the risk of being hounded.

This video makes me grin like an absolute idiot, what even.

IT'S SO HILARIOUS IN SUCH A WAY I CAN'T DESCRIBE, thanks Katu for showing these to me, I'm inhaling them all now.

I had the hilarious misfortune of misreading my schedule again and got to work an hour and a half early, so I left to get something to eat and chill out at the bookstore nextdoor to the restaurant. Ran into my old sensei and his kids. Which, if you know my sensei? It's kind of creepy. When I was ten, he had two kids that were both 18-22 years old (Hiroshi and Monica) and they were awesome and trained with us at the dojo. And now I'm almost 24 and he has two kids that are four and five years old. That's creepy. But he's also like an overgrown twelve-year old and just sat for an hour playing with his kids at the coffee shop. They had these little stuffed dinosaurs that he'd hide in very obvious places (like on top of his very bald head) while they closed their eyes and then exclaim "I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU FOUND IT THAT TIME". And then he'd sit and read a book label in Japanese while his five year old daughter just sat there like "DAD I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU, SPEAK ENGLISH >(". It was cute as long as I forgot about Hiroshi and Monica. I do wonder how they're doing sometimes. I haven't seen them since I was eleven. Hm.

Also wow I haven't talked about things unrelated to work or family in here in a while, what the fuck.

RP talk, in which I whine, bitch and moan.

Mmm. Stuff happened between me and someone at Elegante three or four weeks ago, so I've been either sitting out on hiatus or being around solely for Katu and Blu. That's. Not really right or anything, but I need to get comfortable again. I've stuck my head into game chat once or twice since then and just lurked around. I don't know. I wish I didn't get so paranoid about people so easily. But I'll get through it. Eventually. Gradually. Baby steps. I just have to get back into the game slowly.

In reaction to paranoia, I haven't done much with Jim lately. Got him into a fight with Azula, he's currently consoling Sokka now that Suki's left. I'm trying not to be a whiner/nagger but there's another log I want to finish. I asked them about it last week and we haven't had the chance go back but hnnnggg. I got the okay from a mod for Jim to find the Map, but it won't display anything, so that should be interesting. I'm honestly saving most of my Jim plots for when I finally get around to killing him. I don't want to do anything huge with him before then. But at this rate, I'm wondering when I'll even get the chance. I know what I'm waiting for, I just. have to wait for it. hhhhhh I hate waiting for something that I don't know when it'll be. I'm just really really looking forward to this Kill-Jim plot, I've been wanting to do it for almost two months now. And like Katu said, it might end up being very cathartic for me in its own strange ways. But waiting this long, I'm starting to lose the excitement I had built up for it. Hm.

Need to canon review HiNaBN to see if I can keep Veser or not. I want to because I love the cast we have, but I've had him for a month and haven't even done an intro post. I think he's been in one log. If I reread and can't get a grasp on him again, I'll probably drop him. Not fair to a crew to have someone who's not around.

I think I'm going to go with the more comfortable app and app Hikaru like I'd originally planned. I love Abi's Riku and I'm excited that Thunders brought Axel, but I'm not too confident with the idea of playing Sora. But I know that I know Hikaru like the back of my hand, I've had her app written for six months now except the third person sample. So I'm just gonna. Knock that out Sunday afternoon or something.

I still need to app SAINW!Mikey for Otana like I promised, I just need to find that episode on youtube again to review. And I told Katu if she apps her OC, then I'll scare myself ask a mod what I need to change on my Girl app and re-app her. I STILL REALLY WANT TO PLAY GIRL ON THE BOAT, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'm just terrified of asking what I did wrong and what "characterization issues" there were.

Need to make time for myself to do a Lina app for CapeandCowl for Elle's Zelgadis, and I need to review a bit of Soul Eater for my Liz app at Gargleblasted. But idk. The idea of branching out again is kind of intimidating, which is odd to me. I used to be in a million games and browse around a lot, but I've been pretty content to just chill out in Elegante the last eight or nine months. But we'll see what happens, I guess. If I can't handle it, I'll apologize to the crewmates and drop. They'd understand, I'm sure. At least I know Elle would. But we'll see, who knows, maybe I'll be able to magically handle it all of a sudden.

Wow this ended up being longer than I'd planned. GONNA SHUT UP NOW.

hhhhh While I was having my anxiety attack the other day, I bit down on my finger too hard and took a chunk of skin out of it. It's starting to scab over now and while it's pretty clean and everything, it's still not that great to look at. I may put another bandage over it, it hurts like hell if anything bumps against it.

I wish I had more interesting things to talk about, I'm sorry.
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