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Wow so how about a real update of what's going on in my life and not just snippets and my cynicism.

⇒ My brother is still here, though he's supposedly moving into his house as we speak. He was supposed to come get his stuff last Friday, then he said it'd be Saturday, then Sunday, then Wednesday. They just went and got the moving van today. So he should be relatively out of my hair in the next day or so. This will be a big relief on me and mom, as far as I can tell. He'll still be living in town again which means nothing can be quite as comfortable as it was but hey. Challenges.

⇒ I've spent the last two weeks training two new servers at work. Tomorrow night will be their first night entirely on their own. I'll expect to hear how they did when I go in to open Sunday morning. If they do well, then I can expect my schedule to start letting up soon and I will be overjoyed and can start looking for a different job.

⇒ I am so stupid excited for the celtic festival Saturday, you guys don't even know. I've been wanting to go since 2005, but I was always working every time it was going on. It's part of why I requested off this weekend, I'M GOING TO GO, DAMN IT. Maybe find some nice Christmas presents while I'm at it, idk, we'll see.

⇒ I've been marathoning Daria in what little free time I have this last week. I realize now why most of my high school had me pegged as Daria back then. Though I also am frightened by how well I remember this show. I remember almost the entire first season exactly. And most of the second season.

ms_elegante is closing soon, probably in the next couple of months. Whiiiich means I'm not going to do any of the apps I'd planned to do. I hate to say it, but I really only want to app characters I can play long-term. Though, just because I say that, it doesn't mean I'm any good at it (my track record with Facilier, Rain, and soon-to-be Veser herpaderp). I'll just. Find somewhere else to play these characters I was wanting to play. I am very sad about this game ending, though. Despite my inability to be social with the majority of the playerbase, I really.... really felt at home here. I was really comfortable being able to hit up anyone if I needed to ask them a question about something. Man. I was hoping it'd be a game that lasts a while. I'm glad I joined when I did and got to play as long as I have, though. (no, I did not just almost type "got to lay", why would I ever) I guess we'll just. see what happens.

⇒ Finishing up my Lina app now, will get to Liz's app tomorrow when I wake up. I've set aside tomorrow entirely for RP purposes. Hopefully the day and my big Jim plot will live up to the excitement and hype I've built up for it over the last couple of weeks.

⇒ I am considering doing something especially stupid, but since when is this surprising. I'm just going to do it quietly and keep it to myself until I decide if I really want to do this or not.

⇒ FYI, for those wanting to buy the Scott Pilgrim comic books, I'd wait until next month. They'll be releasing a box set of all six volumes with a pretty sweet poster included sometime in November.

How to Train Your Dragon comes out on dvd tomorrow, I should be getting mine in the mail. Beauty and the Beast also got released on the 5th, about a month earlier than I was informed. My apologies, shahni, my fault for not double-checking my information. If anyone's looking to buy a physical copy of the soundtracks to either of those movies, I would suggest doing it in the next week. I don't think stores will be getting any restock of them any time soon.

⇒ Been feeling lonely and not. in a good place the last week or so, pretty much entirely my own fault. I've got to snap myself out of this. Maybe more That 70's Show when I'm done with Daria. I don't know. Maybe I'll come to comfortably live with this feeling like I did my apathy.

⇒ Re-reading A Separate Peace for the first time in a while. My favorite book of all time, but I'm taking it slowly this read-through. Partly because the characterization of Gene makes me think a lot of myself, but also partly because I still want to play Phineas somewhere. Maybe one day.
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