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Have I mentioned how much I love not being the only night server anymore? For the first time ever, Liz scheduled an opener, a mid-shift, and a closer. On a Sunday. This never happens. This means not only was I scheduled to be off two hours earlier than normal, but we weren't busy so I got off another hour and a half earlier than usual. I just. Yessssssssssss. I think work is going to be a lot easier for a while, as long as these two don't suddenly bail out. I don't think Gabe will, but I'm not sure about Jamicka yet. We'll see how this week turns out.

Yesterday was so much fun omg. The festival was a lot smaller than I'd imagined, but everyone was so nice and friendly. I bumped into a guy and apologized immediately and he was like, "NAH IT'S COOL," and asked how I was doing and everything and we talked for a few minutes. Christy got to talk to a woman who had a corgi puppy with her and they exchanged information so they can arrange a playdate with Christy's two corgies and it was sweet. I got to see Dr. Ratcliff, the clay-throwing/sculpting/pottery professor at the university, while I was there. I grew up down the street from him and his kids before we moved to this side of the river, I hadn't seen him since I was in college four years ago. And I got an awesome silver dragon pendant necklace and I loooove iiiiiiit. AND. I got to watch a blacksmith turn railroad spikes into daggers. So cool to watch.

THE ONLY THING I DID NOT LIKE was the glaring lack of celtic music. All the bands up there played old rock-and-roll or bluegrass. >8( THIS AGGRAVATES ME BECAUSE I KNOW THERE WAS A BAGPIPE GROUP THERE, THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON STAGE. But w/e. It was free so I can't complain but I will.

We had a lot of confusion over dinner, there were supposed to be six of us eating, and we didn't know where to eat, but three of them bailed on us, so Christy, Kasey and I went to get sushi and we had a lot of fun at Christy's expense.

I was pretty annoyed after I got home because Katu, Blu, and I were about to start working on this plot when Chris' person called us saying she'd gotten stranded on the highway on the other side of town and mom said I had to go with her to help her. I WAS LEGITIMATELY PISSED, NGL because I still don't understand why I had to go with her. But we got a block away from our house and she called us back saying some guy helped her so we didn't have to come out. \o/ BUT HAHAHA I finally got my plot I've been trying to do since August, I am so happy. We were up until about 2:30/3am my time working on it and I have no regrets.

Speaking of her, ooooh man. Mom suspects this girl moved in with Chris and told me if she finds out that's the case, then I need to not be anywhere near the house when she confronts Chris about it. MY BROTHER, I JUST. hhhhhhh /head in hands whatever, it's not really my problem.

BUT I THINK I'm going to grab a shower and then take a nap. As happy as I am with this plot, I'm still beat.
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