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Thursday; 4-10p
Friday; OFF
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 9:30-2p
Monday; 4-10p
Tuesday; OFF

I think if this schedule holds down, I could definitely get a second job. I thought about it during my downtime earlier, I think I could hostess at Cheddars during the day, wait tables at Pizza Hut at night, have Tuesday as my day-off-no-matter-what. Hm. Kenya's gone, they fired her yesterday. She had two shifts last week that she no-showed for and one shift this week that she probably wasn't going to show up for. Too many customer complaints, too many write-ups, too much suspicious moments of money disappearing from the register when she's the only one up front. Eh.

Health inspection Friday, probably have to stay late tomorrow to make sure everything's done right. Birthday party's reserved for tomorrow night; they originally reserved to come in as I'd walk in the door but they called right back and changed it to two hours later so... good for them.

I'm starting to get cabin fever. I need to get out of this town for a while. See somewhere new for even a week or two. I just need to go anywhere and I have no money to do it on. Man. This blows.
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