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So I'm not going to talk about how bad work was last night and leave you with the simple statement that an hour and a half into my shift, I was huddled up in the bathroom stall sobbing, something I have never had the compulsion to do in any restaurant job I've had because I normally have a saintly amount of patience and can handle almost anything at my job. That's how bad it was.

But I will tell you that I have one couple of Monday night regulars and they, in an instant, made everything better and I was able to finish my shift gracefully and calmly.

This couple is an elderly woman named Martha and her granddaughter, whose name escapes me right now. They always come in around 8:30 or 9 after the granddaughter's dance class. The dinner rush is usually over by then and I've started my sidework, so I don't normally get to spend much time talking to them, but I do know they always get some form of the same order every week (black olives and mushrooms). They started coming regularly about five months ago and for the first month, I thought something was just wrong because they always looked so angry and I generally just left them alone because, hey, if a table doesn't want to talk, I can take a hint. Eventually, we got onto amiable terms and I was finally comfortable enough with them to casually joke with them a month or so ago. Which is all well and good, I was just happy that the atmosphere they brought with them didn't feel as hostile.

Last night, after a horrible shift and after all my crying and trying not to talk because my jaw and teeth hurt that much, I saw them come in and put on my usual smile and said, "Hey, how're you two to-OOF". I couldn't finish because suddenly the little girl, who is roughly about 3 foot tall, came sprinting at me with the biggest smile and hugged me so tightly as if she was the most excited person in the world to see me right at that moment. I have never had this happen before. It was one of the most surreal, heart-warming moments I've had in a long time. They sat and we talked for a while and I thanked Martha for always being so nice when they come in, especially the last few weeks when Mondays have been so horribly agonizing. She told me that she could tell when she came in that something was wrong and kept poking around to see if I'd tell her and I really didn't want to tell her that every customer I'd had all day were loud, rude, abrasive, demanding people whom I couldn't please and that the only tip I had made the entire night so far was from my friend Audrey who manages Gamestop across the street. That's just not tactful to tell another of your customers. But the thought is what counted and it really calmed me down from the panic attacks I was having before.

I wish more people that came into my restaurant were as nice and polite as them, then I wouldn't dread going to work every shift. ._.

I really should clean up my kitchen and do some other things. Guess I'll get up and do All The Things YEEEAAAAAH o9
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