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Tuesday; OFF
Wednesday; 4-10
Thursday; OFF
Friday; 3-11
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 9:30a-4p
Monday; 4-10
Tuesday; OFF

One of my night people just quit, so it's back to normal schedules for me. Which is good because jfaklsdjf money orz. I still haven't even thought about buying Christmas presents for anyone OTL. But as long as I don't go back to six nights a week, I'm good.

Super excited for Wednesday, going that morning to see Tangled. *A* EEEEE NOTHING CAN QUELL MY EXCITEMENT OKAY.

We were going to cut our cable TV and switch out for Dish satellite, but I told mom months ago that we wouldn't be able to get satellite with where we are, we have too many trees that block the signal. The guys came Sunday afternoon to install it and told her the exact same thing and mom was pisssssed. She could've saved herself the trouble and listened to me from the start. But hey what do I know, it's not like I ever know what I'm talking about.

I'm tired. I'm not sleepy, but I'm tired. Of so many Little Things that are piling up into one Big Thing and it shouldn't be a Big Thing, it should continue being Little Things so I can continue to overlook them.
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