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◦the original kat: since 2003。

Today has been such a long, exhausting day. Bullet points:

☼ went to bed last night at midnight mad and frustrated at myself
☼ woke up and puttered a few minutes, went to get a new pocketwatch and take my tip jar to coinstar
☼ the only showing of Tangled I could see at the movie theater by my house sold out as I was walking up to it, got mad at myself for not getting my ticket before the other things
☼ came back home, grabbed my work clothes and dashed to the movie theater at the mall across town and caught the 2pm showing
☼ movie let out at 3:45, giving me fifteen minutes to run across the mall, through the parking lot and to my car and drive the 20 minute drive to work
☼ got to work late, yep you guessed it 8(
☼ changed, realized I forgot my work shoes so I spent the entire shift in my converse high-tops
☼ dove right into work because there were tables waiting for me when I walked in the door 8|
☼ spent almost the entire night dodging my district manager; if he saw my shoes, he'd have written me up and sent me home
☼ still had tables coming in half an hour to close. Had one table come in, ask what time our lobby closed and then proceeded to stay an hour for no reason, keeping me there half an hour later. This is annoying because they had salad and I couldn't put the salad bar up until they finished. Also, did not tip, the assholes. This is the fourth time this week I've had a late table that doesn't tip

I am so tired. I really want to go on and on about Tangled, but I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me and I had to pick up tomorrow's afternoon shift and then I'm working an eight hour shift by myself Friday, so fklasjdflj

/sleeps on flist
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