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Wednesday; 4-9p
Thursday; 4-10p
Friday; 3-9p
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 9:30a-2p
Monday; 4-10p
Tuesday; OFF

idk if I trust this schedule. Only scheduled to close two nights this week? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS. Not that uh. I have a problem with it. I just don't trust it. idk. we'll see.

Man, I stopped by the dentist's I went to before to pick up my x-rays for tomorrow and everyone was out to lunch so no one could copy my x-rays. Then I stopped by my hairdresser's to talk to her and she was out to lunch. How can people eat lunch before 11am? I DON'T GET IT. That's too damn early to eat anything, let alone be able to call it "lunch". ;A; (hint: that's a rhetorical question)

ugh I'm sleepy, I'm still really drained from being sick this last weekend. uguuu if I'm getting off at 9 for real-real, that means someone else'll be there and that'll be awesome because idk if I can handle a Wednesday night by myself right now.

also why not

❝what fictional character am i?❞
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