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For as much as I bitch and moan and rant and rave about how frustrating my job is, nights like tonight remind me why I like working there.

One of my regulars is this woman that works in one of the stores next door, she usually comes in either Sunday mornings with a co-worker, or on Wednesday nights by herself when she's on dinner break. For a long time, I thought she was just an angry person but in the last month or so, we've started talking and she's really nice.

Anyway, she was sitting in a booth right in front of another of my tables that had just come in, a woman, probably late 20s and three really small children. And I could tell she was a little short on money because she was asking me how much everything cost, like she was trying to count up in her head if she had enough to even get her children drinks they'd want instead of water. So I told her not to worry about it, she'd only be paying for the food we cook in the back (which is something I usually do for my regulars and any table that's not rude to me).

She and my regular went to the salad bar at the same time and I could see them talking? But I had to clean up another table so I didn't really hear anything they said. By the time I got the chance to come back around, my regular was asking for her receipt and I happened to be the one cashing her out at the register.

Her: So, the woman who was sitting behind me, did she order from you?
Me: Yeah. '_'
Her: Okay, I'll pay for whatever she ordered, just put it on my ticket.
Her: Tell her I said Merry Christmas. C:

And when I told the woman her check was already taken care of, she just. AAAAAHHH THE LOOK ON HER FACE. ;_; I love seeing people be nice to other people. I love seeing that kind of good in people. It's so rare to see these days, especially with people's money as tight as it is right now. That woman was so happy, her entire night was made. And that made me happy and my shift a lot easier to get through; it made me want to do nice things for other people too, because I love seeing people happy.

F-list, I dare you this week to do something nice for someone else. Something you have no obligation to do, it doesn't even have to be someone you know to make their day a little easier to get through.
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