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Wow. My district manager finally spent actual money on us and got our restaurant a new TV. This is a big deal as he is the cheapest motherfucker on the planet; everything we ever get is either a cheap knock-off brand or used or a decade old. We've had a broken TV for almost five months now? And he came in today with a new 32" flatscreen, one of those really high-end brands and got it set up for us. It was nice.

And then work happened and I didn't get a spare minute to myself until we were closing up. I had all my stuff done at 9:30 and we locked up early.

Fact: I have two different night managers. Jay, who I can talk comic books and Doctor Who with. And Tomeka, who I can talk Disney and cartoons with. I spent the last half hour of my shift watching A:tLA with Tomeka because she'd never seen the cartoon before. THAT WAS SPECIAL LMFAO FJALSKJDF And we introduced our kitchen manager to Yo! Gabba Gabba and that didn't last long.

Also got my oral surgery scheduled for next Thursday, so I guess I'll be MIA for a week or so. We'll see. I doubt anyone'll really notice besides Caleb and Katu and Roy but hey just. Throwing that out there. Honestly, I'm just happy to finally be getting this done. The guy I talked to said he'd also pull out one of my other teeth for me; half of it fell out on its own when I was on a bus in Houston about a year and a half ago. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it is kind of a pain to get clean when food gets stuck in it.....,.

I don't know. I feel weird and miserable suddenly and I don't like this feeling much at all. I should go work on this log with Olesia and chill out, gonna be a rough night tomorrow at work. ALREADY PREDICTING.
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