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Wednesday; 3-10p
Thursday; 3:30-10p
Friday; 3-9p
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 9:30a-2p
Monday; OFF
Tuesday; OFF

Off the next two days in the meantime.

Had an almost impossible time sleeping last night. My dreams were really bothersome.

Went out after work with Christy to let her pick out her Christmas gift. She found the most adorable bear at Build-a-Bear. And then we went for sushi and I realized I probably shouldn't have any until my mouth completely heals up. It took forever to get the rice grains out of the open sockets. But we came back here to eat some more and watched How to Train Your Dragon (this is becoming an initiation movie for all of my friends at this point).

It was a fun evening out and we might be going out to the pub with Kasey this weekend if Christy's not doing anything. I hope we go *A* Do want an Irish coffee and apple cider.

Should probably spend the next couple of days getting back into the swing of my games. Mmn. Going to bed earlier is looking more appealing, all said and done.
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