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1. Where and when did you start RPing?
I originally started when I was thirteen in MSN chatrooms with an OC. Eventually I just moved to one-on-one messenger RP and somehow found my way to LJRP. But man, MSN chatrooms were where it was at back in 2000.

2. Do you RP anywhere other than LJ?
Uh I do private AIM RP stuff with Katu and Blu, that's about it. I actually enjoy that a little more than LJRP. ._.

3. Do you play in any public games?
I'm only playing in capeandcowl right now since ms_elegante just closed. I'm planning to app at vertiline_rpg once apps open in a few days (IF I CAN FINISH MY DAMN APPS HHHHHH I hate writing apps).

4. Do you prefer first-person comment spam or prose logging?
It really depends? I used to be really simple with my comment spamming because it's what I preferred, but over the last few months, my comment spamming has started reading more like heavy prose logging OOPS.

5. What was the first character you ever played?
Ever ever would be my OC Galen in MSN chatrooms. In LJRP, that would be a Naruto OC named Yuki, fandom character was Shinobu Morita (Honey and Clover) but that didn't last long.

6. Who's your favorite character to play now and why?
Ooooh my god Jim Hawkins hi. I used to be really touch and go playing him, but over the last six or seven months, he is my absolute favorite. I have a lot of leeway with him and what he's capable of and what kinds of things I can do with him, and I absolutely love playing him against Katu's Sokka and Blu's Hiccup. He has so much more depth to him than I think people give him credit for and I like exploring that when I can (and making fun of him for it haha..,.,). He's just an all around great character.

7. What's the longest you've ever consistently played one character?
Hikaru Shidou is the longest consistently played character nonstop; I played her in polychromatic for a little over two years, and I eventually picked her back up in ms_elegante (though I wasn't all that active with her there). I enjoyed having her while I did, but I think it might be time to retire her, to be honest.

A character I've been playing on and off for a long time is Duo Maxwell. I originally picked him up at crossuniversity back in 2004 as an AU, dropped him, moved him to the13thday for a little bit and idled out. Didn't play him for a while until I put him in amatomnes in 2008 and dropped him a few months later, put him in discedo twice and finally dropped and then took him to polychromatic and had some of the best CR for him between Rosella, Yuri, and Ino.

8. What's your biggest RP pet peeve?
My biggest one right now is canonmates doing big huge events on a whim without talking to or informing castmates. I've had it happen to me repeatedly before and it's been happening to a friend of mine in her cast and it's one of the most frustrating things in the world. I just... don't get why you would do that? People are weird.

9. Do you read RP secrets and the RP anon meme?
I used to not read RPS that much, but Katu links me to stuff a lot now so I figure "welp better read it all at once". I don't comment much unless it's to say something to noelleno or to make RPS hideous with Katu. I rarely have anything worth saying. :| RP ANON MEME THOUGH, I stalk that shit. Mostly to see if there are any casts in other games worth watching.

10. If you've played in public before, do you prefer community based or journal based games?
I prefer journal-based, all the way. It's easier to archive things to go back and read over later, I like having my own journal tags and I like being able to customize the journal for a semi-legitimate reason. In a comm-based game, if you go back to look at something a year or two later and the maintainers have cleaned out the tags? Yoouuuu better have a lot of time on your hands to go back manually to look for everything. I just seem to zone out of comm-games for whatever reason. I'M GETTING BETTER THOUGH, I'm actually keeping up with C&C even if I'm a little too afraid of commenting/posting around.

11. Would you rather play with someone who's very very IC but a mediocre writer or someone who isn't always IC (but not terrible) and a great writer?
I think if by "great writer" you mean "creative and has fun", then the latter. Sometimes the most fun you can have is if you're just a little OOC sometimes.

12. Do you have a "RP partner"?
K-katu and Blu. ._.v I consider them my RP partners, idk if they consider me the same way. But we all are pretty much on the same wavelength with our characters and CR and I really, really enjoy doing stuff with them.

13. Do you ever stalk any casts, games, or players? Who?
I do still occasionally read over polychromatic thinking maybe one day I'll go back (and I'm working on an app now so HEY?!), but I don't really look at anything else. I'll glance at the Yuca and Jileena at discedo every now and then when I remember to.

14. In your opinion, which part of an app is the most difficult/annoying?
Third person samples. Every time. That is what always stops me on an app, I hate hate writing them. I wrote apps for Poly for three years and I'd gotten kind of conditioned to it, and then I joined other games and dropped Poly and now I'm like. Starting over completely with how I write my samples and I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT TO DO HAHAH ha....,,., ha....

15. Are you one of those people who has to customize their character's journal layout and userinfo?
God, yes I am. No as much as I used to, but I do like having a nice looking userinfo at least. If I play the character for long periods of time, I might do something with the journal itself, but I'll always do something nice for the userinfo.

16. What was your first game?
konohas_leaves ._.v Future AU Naruto game LMFAO hideous.

17. Are there any canons you avoid tagging characters from?
Not really? I used to be really HHHHHH over Hetalia, but there aren't any games I'm in right now that have any Hetalia casts so I don't worry too much about it.

18. Most memorable scene in any thread?

-- One of the last memorable threads I did with Hikaru in Poly was when she told Umi about the SAW trap during the no inner monologue curse. Something about that just... idk, it sticks out to me a lot.

-- Every TBS thread. All of them.

I realize this is not very helpful.

-- I actually really, really loved reading Hiccup and Sokka's thread after Sokka died. IDK WHY I WASN'T EVEN IN IT, I JUST LIKED READING IT.

-- and the snow fort. SNOW FORTTTTTTT

-- Jim dying. I. Oh my God. I literally spent about three months trying to plan and work that out between myself, Katu, and Sparky (Azula). There were a couple of rough spots in planning and we ended up setting it aside for a while but came back to it and it was wonderful. Jim's revival post goes here as well because I JUST. AAAHHHH. /hordes all the TBS angst


-- seriously I wasn't kidding when I said all the TBS threads are my favorite

-- really

-- all of them

-- including the prank wars Sokka and Jim had



-- Oh wait no I do love all the Hikaru and Bennett threads, despite how few those were. THEY WERE REALLY SWEET.

-- there are also soooooo many AU scenes I love but am not talking about because LMAO THIS AU IS KIND OF MY FAVORITE HIDEOUS THING EVER.






19. Do you RP sex?
UUUHHHH NOT REALLY? I mean, I'm definitely more open to it than I used to be but only in private AIM stuff with Katu and Blu, and sadly it never goes very far because I can't really take it seriously. At all. I start cracking up at every tag and afklajf IT'S REALLY HIDEOUS I CAN'T.

20. Do you play more males or females?
I've got it evened out right now, I think. I've got one girl at C&C, and I'm apping two guys and a girl to Vertiline so THE PLANETS WILL ALIGN?!

21. What won't you RP?
Never ever in a million years will I RP noncon sex. It's not right. I also can't see myself RPing furries any time soon. .....,..,, yupp.

22. Dressing rooms: yes or no?
Not really. I can't seem to get into dressing rooms.

23. Ever RPed a pairing?
A few! Seras/Livio, Galen/Alucard, I do play canon ships of Hamel/Flute and Simon/Nia. I think one of my favorites is and always will be Death the Kid/Hikaru Shidou and I'm kind of lulzing over any OOC shipping of Sokka/Jim/Hiccup. And we do ship them in AU huehuehue. AND GOSH I REALLY WISH I COULD'VE MADE TOPH/JIM HAPPEN. 8(

24. Favorite place to play: musebox, open posts, public games, private games?
Public games, open posts, I do musebox stuff every now and then though it usually fizzles out after a few hours. I don't do well in private games. 8|

25. Talking RP with someone else who plays your character: fun or awkward?
Talking to other Duo players isn't ever really awkward, we usually talk about the series in general. The only other Jim player I know is thanoodles and I REALLY LOVE TALKING TO HER I need to do it more often. Other Hikaru players though.... That does tend to get a little awkward on my side because of the maturity level. All the other Hikaru players I've talked to are... generally really young and a bit hard for me to talk to beyond all the ^^ and ^_^ emoticons and idk I can't really explain it without being derogatory and I'm not going to do that. IDK MAN. FEELS AWKWARD.

GOSH I REALLY NEED TO WORK ON MY VERTILINE APPS WHEN I GET HOME HHHHHHHH Almost done with Jim's and I still have to start Flynn's and Girl's. Ffffuuuuuuuu

OOPS I NEED TO GET READY FOR WORK, that took longer than I thought
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