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new layout and new userinfo. First ones I've had in a while (I think since probably July or August last year?). I do enjoy.

▶ got my w2 from work earlier and was in the process of filing my taxes, but then mom came home and got mad at me saying I had to file mine with hers with her CPA so she can claim me as a dependent. I didn't send mine out, but I did have an estimate for my federal returns and it'll be more than enough to rent a moving truck and the gas up to NC. Now I just. Have to get the courage to tell my parents I'm moving OTL.

▶ mom decided I'm taking my brother to class in the morning. His 8 AM class. On the other side of town on the other side of the river. My brother lives in downtown which means I have to get up at the asscrack of dawn to go get him. I told him when I'd be there and that if he isn't awake and ready to walk out the door, I'm leaving his ass and he can walk to campus. (Honestly, he's only a mile and a half from campus, the wuss) Mom feels sympathy since she had to do it this morning and gave me gas money, so hey?! Still though. Asscrack of dawn.

▶ Not bothering posting my schedule, I'm only working tomorrow night and Sunday morning. I can probably pick up Monday night since apparently the girl Liz scheduled said she's not coming in.

▶ I haven't been doing anything in capeandcowl, but there is now plot and I AM VERY EXCITED FOR PLOT /HIGHFIVE ELLE AND OLESIA we will make this excellent and delicious

▶ Speaking of delicious, I am hungry. But my kitchen is clean and I don't wanna mess it up. What do.
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