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Three days straight, and work is kicking my ass. Thursday from 5 to 9, Friday from 3 to 8:30 (I was supposed to stay until 10, but they had to let me leave early since they were closing the bridges because of the weather), and then today from 12p to 8 straight with no break. I was supposed to stay until 9 tonight but I left early since the dine-ins died out.

I'm working tomorrow from 9:30 in the morning til 5 and then Monday night from 2 til 10.

I am exhausted already because everything's been so crazy up there this weekend. Friday night was pretty horrible because even though our guy came in and prepped dough twice, we still ran out of so much stuff by 7 that evening and orders were backed up so badly and jfaljsdf

Though I do find it ridiculous that I made almost twice as much on a four hour lunch shift than I do on a six hour dinner shift. Wtf, patrons?! Oh well, not gonna complain.

On top of work, I've been having to run my brother around on his errands and to his job, so my free time has been nonexistent until around this time of night when I'm too dog tired to focus on anything for more than a few minutes. I just want Tuesday here already so I can chill out and not do anything. Please just give me a day to do nothing. T_T

And away from work talk, I caught up on the Fractale anime that's out so far (four episodes ffff) and while it's scary cute, I like that it's getting darker in this most recent episode. Though wow not even gonna lie, I could not make myself care about Butcher. The pacing's a little too fast for me to really care about him. 8(

and holy wow I've been up since 9am this morning and haven't eaten I SHOULD. do something about that. Like right now. I think I will.
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