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I finally have a day off where I don't have to think about anything, I HAVE GOT SOME GEM STORIES FROM WORK THIS WEEK TO SHARE WITH ALL OF YOU LMFAO Some are funny, some are WTF, some are WHAT A COCK. A little mixed of everything.

TUESDAY Fun fact: I don't work Tuesdays. I specifically requested to not work Tuesdays unless my manager literally has no other choice. Tuesdays legitimately suck and are the worst days to work. Sadly, the other server was out of town Tuesday so I had no choice grrr. Here is an example of why Tuesdays suck: Tuesday night is the only night of the week we have buffet. And kids happen to eat that buffet for free. So. Woman and her six small, loud, annoying, mess-making children get mad at me because they'd been there eating on my buffet for the last hour and they were asking if we were putting anything else out (we literally just put out an entire fresh buffet rotation) and I told her since the buffet ended in 15 minutes, we wouldn't be making anything else. She flipped her shit all over me. HOW DARE I CLOSE DOWN MY BUFFET ON TIME. The entire night was pretty much shit like this all night until we closed. I hate Tuesdays so much fjklasjdfrijoles

Carlos did get back in town later that night though and came by to help me clean. He went to walmart next door and bought me a soda and this toy rubber snake. THAT THING HAS AMUSED US ALL WEEK TO NO END, you guys don't even know.

WEDNESDAY One of our drivers is notorious for taking forever to take deliveries. Deliveries that should only take maybe 15 minutes takes him almost an hour. IT'S RIDICULOUS. Wednesday, we had a delivery going to the local X-Mart (yeah that kind) and Tomeka and I looked at him. "Okay. We're gonna time you. It's a five minute drive there, we wanna see how long it'll take you." I started timing him from the moment he pulled out of our lot til he came back in the door. That was the fastest I have ever seen him make a delivery, WE LAUGHED SO HARD.

THURSDAY OUR POWER ALMOST WENT OUT. I think our backup generator kicked in because the lights started flashing and there was this alarm like "EEEHHHH EEEHHHH EEEHHH" every time the lights flickered. We were kind of praying it'd go out, then we'd all get to go home. 8|

Also a US Army guy was trying SO FUCKING HARD to recruit me while he was eating LMFAO. I JUST. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't make it past their physical, I WAS TRYING TO KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE.

One of our drivers went to make a delivery, and he always goes to the right address. If no one's waiting, he calls and confirms it's the right address, and if no one answers, he immediately calls us and tells us no one was there and he's bringing it back. So, he goes to this house, person there says no one there ordered anything. So he calls us and heads back. While he's on his way back, whoever ordered the pizza calls us saying he never showed up and demands he come back out there and the pizza be free. We wait until the driver gets back, confirm the address with him again and yeah, he went to the right address. This kind of "get shit free" scam has been done to death up there, so we refused to believe that shit for a second. It's an address that tries that stuff regularly and we finally put it in our system that they'll try it. Just. Trolololol

TODAY This family of five with the best 80's mullets and hillbilly buckteeth I have ever seen came in to eat and I was trying so hard not to laugh at them, IT WAS REALLY HARD, YOU GUYS. I CANNOT DESCRIBE THIS PHENOMENON. It was just so bizarre and hilarious and jflakjl

Had a couple of hispanic guys (assuming father and son) come in, went to get their drinks and the following exchange happened:
Me: Hey there! How're you doing tonight? What can I get you guys to drink?
Father: There's going to be more than us.
Me: Oh! Okay, well-- How many of you will there be tonight?
Father: /proceeds to ignore me and talk in the phone in Spanish telling them they're at Pizza Hut and they better hurry
Me: ... 8||||| /walks away

Not even a minute later, they both get up and order at the register from my shift leader, James. They ordered nothing but two waters. A good 15 minutes later, the rest of their party slowly filters in, not saying a word to any of us and apparently they DID really order food because it all came up right then and then they got mad at us because we never brought them drinks even though they. Never answered my question the first time I asked and I just.


Of course there's also the delicious pet peeve of people seating themselves and then getting mad at me for not coming to get their orders when I don't even know they're there but hey whatever man.

Anyway those were the Best Stories from this week mmyep.

Haven't really had time to do anything else this week except cram food down and try to sleep some. Got my taxes filed so I'm eagerly awaiting those returns to get here next month.

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