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 I work with some of the dumbest people I've ever known, I just. How do they even. How does a girl look at her very expensive blackberry phone that tells her the date, look at a calendar to check the date, and then tell us she didn't know it was Friday. I've got a girl on the cut table who can't read whether an order is dine in or carry out so my dine ins end up in carry out bags for 20 minutes before I realize what happened and she acts like she did nothing wrong. Let's not even get too into the woman working the open shift that doesn't know how to open. Doesn't know how to prep salad, doesn't know how to make the tea, or set up the salad bar or get the buffet bar ready. I don't know how she even works there, all she does is wait tables (badly) and roll silverware (also very badly) and bitch and moan about everything that ever goes wrong, even if... nothing's actually wrong. To be serious, 80% of the people up there do nothing but complain every time they open their mouths and I keep thinking, "wow if you guys spent even half the energy you use complaining to actually do your jobs, this would be the most kickass store in this franchise." Because seriously. Seriously. Yeah, I complain enough, but always with reason and only ever here or on plurk. I usually keep my mouth shut at work and just do the work to get it done and over with.

I don't say much about this, but I'll be honest. I get paid $4/hour + shitty tips to do four different people's jobs when all I was hired to do is wait tables. That's all my job description says I have to do. But on any regular shift, I wait and buss tables, get the drive-thru window and the phones and fold boxes (CSR job), handle the register (manager's job), and get the cut-table (cook's job) for not even half of what any of those other three employees make an hour.

And yet my district manager has the gall to threaten to write me up the one time I forget to vacuum the dining room if I forget to do it again. You know, the night I was there almost an hour after closing because of one table that didn't leave me jack shit. Nevermind I've been bitching and moaning to this same district manager for the last year about the aforementioned morning crew never cleaning up their tables before they leave and leaving their messes all over the place (napkins and silverware misplaced everywhere, receipts all over the counters, etc). Not one word to them over the last year, BUT THE ONE TIME I FORGET TO DO SOMETHING. hhhhhh

I do not understand my coworkers or my managers or this restaurant's double standards, I JUST. Keep reminding myself, "two more months, two more months, two more months..." It doesn't make me feel any better or make the time go by faster, but it gives me a more apathetic feel to the job and I focus more on my tables than I do my coworkers' stupidity.

okay I feel better

/goes back to watching fucking Power Rangers
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