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Tuedsay; OFF
Wednesday; 3-10:30p
Thursday; 4-10p
Friday; OFF
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; OFF
Monday; 3-10:30p
Tuesday; OFF

Off for the weekend so I can go out of town for realsies this time to see my grandfather who will insult me for being a size 1 my entire life. Again. I'm looking forward to this can you tell.

Move date got moved back another week so I'm leaving May 6th instead. An extra week to make some extra money, I guess.

Frustrated by a lot of things, but I'm pretty chill right now. Day off tomorrow and I've got pretzels, shitty liquor, and a movie to keep me company tonight aw yiss. Tonight at work was so dead. Tomeka, Christina, and I just goofed off all night. Between Christina getting stuck behind the oven and Tomeka singing Queen at me all night, it was fun. Best Monday I've had in a long time.

... Actually, I think this shitty liquor might be too shitty haha. Oh well.
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