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◦the original kat: since 2003。

Wednesday; 4-10:30p
Thursday; OFF
Friday; OFF
Saturday; 4-11:30p
Sunday; 9:30a-4p
Monday; 3-11:30p (what..the shit?...,., not staying that late lolol)
Tuesday; OFF

Liz has been getting really weird with the schedules, scheduling us half an hour to an hour after doors are locked. Probably to save her ass because we keep getting stuck after hours cleaning but....,. I don't even know. I hate "spring forward" because people start coming in later; people generally don't go out to eat "dinner" until after dark, which means instead of rushing in around 6, they start rushing in around the time I start my sidework an hour til closing. Kind of starting to legitimately piss me off.

Also kind of annoyed to be closing Saturday and then opening Sunday. She knows how rough that gets on me, so I'm wondering what the reason is. I'll probably check people's request offs tomorrow when I go in and see if that's it.
Tags: !public, life: work, schedule, the day the music died
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