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◦the original kat: since 2003。

Tuesday; OFF
Wednesday; OFF
Thursday; OFF
Friday; OFF
Saturday; 9:30a-5p
Sunday; 9:30a-3p
Monday; 3-10p
Tuesday; OFF

LOLOL WHAT IS THIS SHIT. I honestly don't mind it, I needed the break. I just paid off this month's car note, so all the money I'm making right now is solely for gas and food, so HEY NO LOSS?! I'm just like "LOLOL OKAY /packs"

THIS COULD BE NICE. I've got some phone calls to make in a few minutes so AW YEAH.


- paid off this month's car note
- paid off my Portal 2 preorder (I WAS NOT EXPECTING TO PAY IT OFF COMPLETELY LMFAO)
- impulse bought FLCL on dvd (it was right there how could I not)
- did some price checking on packing supplies I need for clothes
- did a price check on a new phone
- got this week's schedule
- caught up on laundry COMPLETELY
- cleaned my kitchen

NOW to online applications and phone calls. THIS DAY WILL BE EPIC ON THE PRODUCTIVITY DEPARTMENT
Tags: !public, life: work, schedule, simply walk into mordor, the day the music died, to do list, zurg rush
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