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Wow so.

Tuesday night, a really hideous storm came through here. Found out the next day it was 81mph winds, 7 inches of rain, and 3 tornadoes. Power was out across half the city Wednesday, schools were out, etc etc.

I've been calling comcast since yesterday afternoon just to see if I could get an ETA on when my service would be back (because I need to get addresses and phone numbers for next weekend) and all I could get was a recording that. didn't change. At all.

SO FOR THREE DAYS, I've basically been chilling out, watching my dvds of That 70's Show and being mad at comcast. I finally decided to find an unlisted extension to their accounting department this afternoon, they put a note on our account and voila. Six hours later, I have cable again.

Go fucking figure.

God, I took my posters down and suddenly this room looks so empty. I'VE GOTTEN SO MUCH PACKING DONE THOUGH. I'm down to clothes I'm wearing over the next month, my electronics, my toiletries, and my dvds. All of which I'm packing.... sometime mid-next week. Got a hair appointment on Tuesday afternoon to take care of this mess I call hair, and.... that's it.

Had my last shift at work tonight, made about three times as much as I expected to make. I might go out tomorrow and buy a new pair of converse. I realized since I'm not transferring my job, once Liz terminates me, my paycard will be useless so. May as well make use of this last bit of money I have on it. WHY NOT FOR SOMETHING I ACTUALLY NEED, AMIRITE?


People I'm visiting along the way (Char, Garrett, Boots, Rizu/Caru), if I could, over the next couple of days, I need addresses/phone numbers so I can start getting my directions together for next weekend.

..... Oooooooooooohhhhh gosh it really is next weekend isn't it. OH GOSH. D-DELAYED REACTION OH FFFFFjf kajskladsjf /EXCITEMENT

okay anyway I. Need to catch up with stuff and. Be productive or something.
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