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Monday; 5p-11p
Wednesday; 12p-5p
Thursday; 5-11p
Friday; 12p-5p
Saturday; 5p-11p
Sunday; OFF

At least this job isn't as stressful as waitressing. And so far, I like all my coworkers. The hardest part I've had since I started last week is memorizing prices, but I'm almost there. It just kinda sucks because our AC isn't working as well as it should, so we all kind of take turns sticking her heads in the ice cream freezers. It's just some long shifts some weekends, it looks like. Such as: yesterday one of the girls was out of town for a wedding, so I had to work 1pm-11pm. Still though, not a bad job. I get paid weekly minimum wage along with whatever tips we make throughout the shift.

I'll have to start looking for another job to take when this one ends in September, but I can at least make it through mid-August before it's imperative I start looking. I've got until the end of September to find something else, preferably more local. Now that I've actually got employment in Wilmington, I'm hoping finding other work will be easier. We'll see what the future holds, I guess.
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