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I am stuck in limbo.

I'm packed. I'm ready to leave, I just have to ship something ahead of myself and pack my computer.

But I can't leave yet because I'm waiting for my last paycheck to be ready. This is frustrating because it looks like I'll be getting it two days later than I was told, which puts me two days behind on my own schedule.

I hate waiting on people.

This is frustrating. I'm sick of being here.

For the first time since I can remember, I legitimately have no patience. I've been so emotionally and mentally overstimulated for the last two weeks since I hurt my hand and I haven't had the time or the chance to calm down. I need time.

I need a break from everything; it feels odd saying it because living here was supposed to be my break. Funny how those things turn out.

On the plus side, my hand is healing well enough. There's skin growing back and the feeling's returning. So hopefully it'll be another two weeks or so before I can actually do anything with it. Until then, I will continue being the master of typing with nine fingers.
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