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I've spent an inordinate amount of time these last three or four days moping and sleeping and being upset and cleaning my mother's house and reorganizing her bathroom and kitchen and rearranging her living room and taking care of my brother's dog since he won't do it himself and generally not being a very productive member of society.

So naturally when I regain the motivation and the will to shove aside my social anxieties and resume my ever-eternal job hunting (because it cares not for what state I'm in), Louisiana decides it clearly must put a damper on this with thunderstorms that make me scared to step foot out of my house, let alone drive across town for fear of roads being flooded and I get stuck somewhere.





Cannot say I missed Louisiana much when I look at moments like this when thunder is so loud, it rattles the windows and shakes the entire house.

Been spending most of my time either cleaning/dog-sitting, playing Catherine or scrolling around tumblr these last few days. I honestly wish there was more to tell. I've been sitting around the house and I honestly haven't minded it that much. Mom told me she's more concerned about the house staying clean (because my brother is... my brother, and the dog is constantly in the house so that's double the mess) than she is about money right now. She's gotten a new job and quit working for the city and she's being paid very well now. She's enjoying her job a lot, which is what I was more concerned about.

I'm really tired these days and don't feel like doing much. I did at least get all my paperwork and stuff done for a temp agency mom hires people through; she said they're really good about keeping people working, so we'll see what comes of it. In the meantime, I'm doing my usual apply for jobs online since so few places do paper applications anymore.

God, this rain outside is making me sleepy. Maybe I should take a nap.
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