◦the original kat: since 2003。 (negakat) wrote,
◦the original kat: since 2003。

Oops I said last night that I was still unemployed and still not really caring but then I got a phone call that woke me up out of a dead sleep to schedule an interview at the local bookstore Monday morning so HEY IT'S ALL GOOD, I'LL ROLL WITH IT. At the very least, if I can get it, I can get my father to stop calling me every. three. days. WE'LL SEE.

oh man let's see if I can handle this Doctor Who episode without Amy or Rory, I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN.

my little pony, new episode come up fasterrrrrr why has no one uploaded it yeeeeeeeeeeet /deadeyes the pirate bay
Tags: !public, confound these ponies, job applications, the day the music died, tv: doctor who, tv: my little pony
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